Taking Value Analysis to the Next Level

The industry’s ongoing transition from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare requires that hospitals be more clinically focused and fiscally responsible than ever before. Healthcare executives are challenged to develop a clinically integrated, evidence-based process for evaluating products, technologies and services to deliver quality care.


A highly functioning Value Analysis program ensures financial efficiency and optimal patient outcomes through clinical efficacy. But how does a hospital or IDN go about maturing its Value Analysis program to achieve greater process rigor, transparency and physician engagement?


As a healthcare organization moves toward mature Value Analysis, it must understand the total costs associated with caring for individuals and communities, deliver quality care aimed at achieving the best possible health, and realize financial results driven by exceptional patient outcomes. This requires an approach to Value Analysis that includes integrated teams, a comprehensive scope and a strategic planning framework.


Download this guide for a comprehensive, strategic approach that ensures financial efficiency and optimal patient outcomes.

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