Pharma NOW

Online Summit | Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Join us for our newest online summit Pharma NOW! These dynamic, executive and editorial-led panels will discuss multiple topics covering the pharmaceutical industry. Discussions will focus on DEI challenges and solutions, putting patients first, and the benefit and risks of AI. Check out the session and speaker information below!





DEI Challenges and Solutions in Pharma
Presented by
: HealthLeaders
10:00 - 11:05 AM EST

About the Session:

With the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement after the killing of George Floyd, and increased awareness of health disparities during the COVID pandemic, pharma has been taking strides to address inequality in its hiring policies, marketing strategies, clinical trial design and research and drug development. What used to be a compliance or marketing issue has spread to a companywide commitment to inclusion and diversity that encompasses the daily operation of companies. No longer a nice-to-have, DEI is a critical business strategy as reports show that the practice directly correlates with better company performance.

This panel roundtable will illustrate lessons learned and best practices from leaders who have steered their companies to embrace DEI and have recognized the benefits of doing so.

Katie Devine, President, Janssen General Medicines, CVM, IDV, Canada and Puerto Rico
Rafael Fantauzzi, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Executive Director, DICE (Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Equity), Boehringer Ingelheim
Erika Randall (Moderator), Content Director, HealthLeaders


Patients First – Including Patients in the Design of Clinical Trials
Presented by
: HealthLeaders
11:10 - 12:10 PM EST

About the Session:

Clinical trials designed only to meet endpoints will miss critical information that can define the outcome of the trial. Any trial not designed to include the participation of its patients from the start will miss an important opportunity to improve the patient experience and thus, the success of the clinical trial. Patients hold the key to vital knowledge about their preferences, expectations, and priorities, all of which should be included in the design of a trial.

This discussion will include how the industry is changing its model to include patients and how that will influence how clinical trials are conducted in the future.

Dr. Elizabeth Garner, Chief Scientific Officer, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Noreen R. Henig, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Kezar Life Sciences
Erika Randall (Moderator), Content Director, HealthLeaders




Charlene MacDonald

Chief Government Affairs Officer and SVP

CareFirst BCBS

Nick Nystrom, PhD

Chief Technology Officer


Rafael Fantauzzi

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Executive Director, DICE (Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Equity)

Boehringer Ingelheim

Erika Randall (Moderator)
Content Director




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