Cost-Effective Low Balance A/R Recovery: The Right Solution at The Right Time – Cash Recovery on Neglected Claims Boosts Revenue

Recently, there has been an increased need for hospitals and health systems to re-evaluate and repurpose their staffing. This is due to the near impossibility to assign all A/R to recovery specialists for timely and complete liquidation and resolution and due to the constant neglect of viable A/R and segments of inventory. Aged A/R and low balances fall to the wayside creating a plethora of cash and accounting issues including but not limited to unpaid/underpaid claims, lack of secondary billing, missing/inaccurate adjustments, and timely and appropriate self-pay balance transfers.


This whitepaper showcases how low balance A/R was effectively and efficiently recovered through a real-life case study analysis on a large national health system.


Learning Objectives:

• Learn how GeBBS’ proprietary iAR™ technology can streamline workflows, reduce redundancies, and expedite cash flow.
• Understand the impact that unworked low balances can have on volumes, aging, AR-days, bad debt, and revenue.
• Implement cost containment initiatives by redirecting high-cost staff to high-dollar inventory and allowing a vendor partner to focus specifically on low balance account resolution and recovery.

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