Nucleus WFM Value Matrix 2023

o Organizations that rely on hourly workers are facing mounting pressure to maintain low operational expenses while upholding high productivity levels. With the persistent uncertainty in the broader work landscape and economic conditions, the adoption of dedicated Workforce Management (WFM) solutions becomes indispensable for optimizing labor costs, curbing employee turnover, and steering clear of non-compliance penalties.
The 2023 WFM Technology Value Matrix, as issued by Nucleus Research, has acknowledged Infor as a leading figure. It points out that Infor's WFM solution delivers substantial value to its users, encompassing features like employee and manager self-service capabilities.
In a world where achieving more with fewer resources is an enduring reality, organizations that harness specialized WFM solutions are better positioned to thrive amidst the ebbs and flows of the market.
This report will equip you with essential insights, including:
  • Streamlined Labor Cost Management
  • Elevated Employee Engagement
  • Reinforced Confidence in Compliance.

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