Tackling Healthcare’s Trio of Concerns: Retention, Satisfaction, and Admin Burdens

Healthcare organizations are navigating a transformative period, facing various workforce challenges, including managing a multigenerational workforce and addressing retention and satisfaction issues alongside administrative overloads and inefficient systems and processes. Amidst staffing shortages, they are reevaluating operations comprehensively, from hiring and onboarding to talent development and tech deployment, with the goal of preventing talent drain, financial strain, and operational inefficiencies.

Findings from the recent Healthcare Workforce Challenges and Issues survey by HealthLeaders and Infor show that retention and recruitment are identified as the biggest hurdles by 90% of healthcare organizations. The 104 respondents of the HealthLeaders Council and select members of the HealthLeaders audience highlight key employee issues, workforce efficiencies, technology problems and potential solutions, along with top HR areas that are under review.



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