How to Screen for Social Determinants of Health at Scale
Your Guide to Breaking Down Barriers to Better Care for Your Patients

Is your organization wrestling with how to tackle social determinants of health? You’re not alone. 


Up to 80% of health outcomes are not due to medical factors, but to a patient’s social and economic circumstances—such as their income, housing situation and even whether they own a car. 

It is essential you gain insights into this data. But how? What is the right way to tackle SDOH?


In this comprehensive eBook, we’ll address the following:
  • Defining: Let’s all make sure we’re talking about SDOH in the right way.
  • Screening: Which SDOH should you prioritize?
  • Data Insights: How should you collect and analyze data?
  • Outreach: How do you translate insights into action?
  • Impact: Case studies on how others have tackled and seen success.
Let’s look at how healthcare providers can build a cost-effective program to implement SDOH at scale, so that patients can access the care they need, when they need it.


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