Back to the Hospital: The effect of COVID-19 on CDI

This report is adapted from a panel discussion during a live ACDIS event on CDI teams returning to the hospital in the aftermath of COVID-19.

ACDIS director speaks with three CDI industry experts about their organizations’ experiences with transitioning staff to working remotely, dealing with changes from the pandemic, and one facility’s attempt to returning to the hospital in June. The report gives case study insight and first-hand experiences of COVID-19’s impact on CDI departments. Readers will learn the ways CDI departments adapted to remote working models, adjusted schedules, and lower census, as well as what to focus on during lower census times and what precautions to take before returning staff to the hospital.

The three main talking points featured in this report are:

  1. Remote working models due to the pandemic must take into account the new and different schedules staff members are facing.
  2. Lower census time should be used for refocusing on projects that have fallen through the cracks and continuing education.
  3. Returning staff to the hospital needs to be strategized and thought out thoroughly ahead of time.

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