Outpatient Workflow Design Trends

We live in a world of instant access and gratification. For healthcare, that means patients are demanding timelier care. 


In particular, self-rooming, a new way to bypass the waiting room, has gained popularity in 86% of patients. But outpatient clinics struggle to optimize their workflow for this patient-centric approach. They don’t have the staff, space or resources to keep up with demand.


Fortunately, advanced technology, greater connectivity and the push to create a more patient-centered experience have created a myriad of valuable data that is fueling workflow designs and the evolution of care delivery.


This white paper, Workflow Design Trends: Transformations Fueled by Technology, highlights workflow trends that use real-time locating system (RTLS) technology to impact the health of your organization. 


From self-rooming to dynamic room assignments, these emerging workflow approaches are gaining traction in ambulatory care and redefining how care teams work—turning them into highly efficient and patient-centric care areas.



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