One Minute Matters: Rehab Success Hinges on Partnerships

Prior to and throughout COVID-19, providers have found increasing levels of success in their rehabilitation programs by partnering with a rehab industry expert. 
Research shows that rehab partnership lowers post-acute expenditures, and increases patient access and improves employee retention. These reasons include:
  • Improved patient experience
  • Reduced capital expenditure 
  • Scalability
  • Speed to market
  • Ability to focus on core competencies
Additionally, the survey uncovered key reasons that providers prefer partnership: 
  • Lower post-acute expenditures 
  • Enhanced overall performance with fewer in-house resources 
  • Increased patient access and improved employee retention
  • Greater scale and speed to market 
Receiving support from a third-party team of rehab experts enables healthcare providers to enhance clinical and quality outcomes in this niche and highly-regulated space. This allows them to best serve patients recovering from COVID-19 and other medically complex conditions, optimize hospital operations and improve patient satisfaction.
Watch this video to learn about benefits of partnering with rehab specialists like Kindred Rehab.

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