Considering a Command Center for Your Hospital or Health System?

Operational Command Centers are some of the newest and most promising solutions for hospital operations, and provide substantial improvements in efficiency. Many health systems face patient flow, revenue, and patient experience challenges with no real way to identify where the progression of care is breaking down nor a way to address those issues at an organizational level.

Meanwhile, those that have fully implemented a command center report improved efficiency, increased revenue, and enhanced patient safety and satisfaction. In fact, 78% of those included in a recent KLAS study report a positive financial outcome from their command center implementation. But what exactly does an Operational Command Center do? Which models provide the best results?

With this guide from Care Logistics, you’ll learn:

  • Basics of operational command centers
  • The shortcomings of the typical command center model
  • How to overcome those shortcomings
  • Which models provide the best results

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