Workforce Talent and Development NOW

Online Summit | Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Join us for our newest online summit Workforce Talent and Development NOW. These dynamic, executive and editorial-led panels will discuss multiple topics around talent and development. Discussions will focus on retention and recruitment, readying future leadership, and workforce recruitment. Save your seat! 





Benefits Beyond Wages for Retention and Recruitment
Presented by: HealthLeaders
10:00 - 11:05 AM EST

About the Session:

Competitive wages aren't the only benefits that hospitals and health systems can offer to help retain staff. Wellbeing programs, development opportunities, and flexible schedules are just a few strategic offerings that healthcare organizations can have available for staff. In this session, learn what successful initiatives healthcare leaders have implemented at their organizations and how you can roll them out at your own pace.

Jenny Zanetich, VP of talent management, Virtua Health
Erika Randall (Moderator), Content Director, HealthLeaders


Strategic Approaches to Workforce Recruitment
Presented by: HealthLeaders
11:10 - 12:10 PM EST

About the Session:

Succession planning is an important step in making sure that critical leadership roles are filled with successful candidates. Creating an internal leadership pipeline not only helps the organization have leaders at the ready, it also retains strong workers by building a career path.

In this session, learn how hospitals and health systems are building their own future leadership.

Stacey Whiteside, HR Director of Talent, Learning and Experience, Children’s Hospital Colorado
Erika Randall (Moderator), Content Director, HealthLeaders



Can Employee Wellness Be Achieved in Healthcare?
Presented by: HealthLeaders
Sponsored by: AMN Healthcare
12:15 - 1:15 PM EST

About the Session:

Healthcare recruitment is competitive—so how can your organization stay on top? You're going to need flexibility, balance, and planning, which can improve patient care, enable growth, and meet financial imperatives.

In this session, learn how to leverage technology and take a strategic approach to diversify your organization's recruitment channels.


Meredith Lapointe, Chief Business Officer, AMN Healthcare

Maxine Carrington, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer, Northwell Health
Aimee M. Claiborne, DA, MBA, BSW, Chief Human Resources Officer, Dartmouth Health
Vilma Cuevas, AVP Talent Strategy, Nuvance Health

Erika Randall (Moderator), Content Director, HealthLeaders




Meredith Lapointe

Chief Business Officer

AMN Healthcare


Maxine Carrington

Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer

Northwell Health

Aimee M. Claiborne, DA, MBA, BSW

Chief Human Resources Officer

Dartmouth Health

Stacey Whiteside

HR Director of Talent, Learning and Experience

Children’s Hospital Colorado




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