The Virtual Reality: It’s Time to Transform Your Virtual Health Capabilities

In the face of a global pandemic, the healthcare industry had to quickly pivot, creating or expanding virtual health capabilities to provide much-needed services while keeping healthcare professionals and the individuals they serve safe. But not long after the dramatic ramp-up, virtual care proved to be so effective at boosting satisfaction, reducing costs, improving access, and driving efficiencies, that having virtual capabilities has become a competitive necessity. Now, with CMS proposing to make many of its temporary telehealth expansions permanent, and demand for virtual care at an all-time high, it’s time to ensure you’re ready for what’s next. We’ve got the strategies and insights you need in our latest white paper, The Virtual Reality.


You’ll discover:

  • Lessons learned so far in managing care virtually
  • Questions to ask to ensure care delivery effectively blends in-person and virtual visits
  • The ways clinical and consumer appetite for virtual care has grown
  • Which care models experts expect could be supported well virtually or virtually enabled
  • How virtual care can help mitigate issues of over-capacity, remove barriers to care, and address the anticipated needs of a population with growing post-acute care needs
  • Why experts agree virtual care can help risk-bearing organizations succeed with value-based care
  • The 4 steps you should take to ensure you’re ready to meet market demand for virtual health


See how you can quickly move from “where you are” to “where you want to be” with virtual capabilities, while driving patient and member engagement and satisfaction to maximize your returns. Download the white paper now.

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