Nurse fatigue hurts employee morale and impacts patient safety. Kronos scheduling and staffing solutions reduce fatigue and create safe, balanced workloads.

Find out how the Kronos solutions can help manage nurse fatigue, improving employee morale and retention and patient care.

When nurses are tired, quality care suffers. Kronos staffing and scheduling solutions help protect your nurses, patients, and organization from the impacts of nurse fatigue.

  • 93% of nurses report that at the end of a typical day, they are mentally and/or physically tired
  • 37% of nurses say they worry about making a mistake
  • 44% of nurses worry their patient care will suffer because they are so tired

Download this free ebook to learn how nurses employed in a U.S.-based hospital setting responded to a survey about fatigue, and how Kronos solutions can help manage fatigue at your organization.

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