The True Cost of Post-Acute Care Labor 

When healthcare facilities use contingent workers, they’re making a smart financial decision. While contingent nursing staff can have higher hourly wages than full-time employees, gone are the additional expenses of recruitment, benefits, bonuses, and more which cause the true cost of full-time workers’ hourly wages to actually be 33% higher. 
Using contingent workers also enables facilities to maintain a full workforce – helping to ease burnout and improve morale among full-time staff. More workers on staff mean facilities can achieve higher occupancy rates leading to increased revenue and the ability to invest in the future. When you add it all up, the difference in hourly wages paid for contingent workers upfront pays huge dividends in the long run. 
By reading this report, you will learn: 
The true costs of filling shifts with full-time RNs, LPNs/LVNs, and nursing assistants vs. contingent staff
Why the post-acute care industry is estimated to have $19.5BN in unrealized revenue (in SNF alone) this year
How increasing staffing levels with contingent staff can improve full-time staff morale and reduce turnover 
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