Telehealth Index:
2019 Consumer Survey


The majority of consumers are open to telehealth and adoption of telehealth continues to grow. This new consumer survey report highlights the unique opportunities for telehealth within different age demographics. As health systems continue to introduce telehealth programs, it is essential for these organizations to understand where consumers see value in telehealth—and where they don’t—to maximize its worth and impact.


Harris Poll conducted an online study among more than 2,000 adults to measure usage and sentiments toward telehealth. The results are weighted to be representative of the American adult population across standard demographics.

Here’s what they found:

•    66% of consumers are willing to use telehealth, and 8% have tried it
•    How consumers want to use telehealth varies greatly by age
•    Millennials want telehealth to address growing mental healthcare issues
•    Older populations want telehealth for prescription renewals, chronic care management
•    Middle-aged consumers are most willing to use telehealth for urgent care
•    Two-thirds of consumers use personal health monitoring devices

Download this free report to learn more about consumer willingness to use telehealth, for what, and how healthcare organizations can shape their telehealth programs to reach and impact these unique audiences.

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