The Shift to Virtual Care:

Lessons From 2 Healthcare Systems

HealthLeaders recently held the Telehealth and Connected Health NOW Online Summit. Over the two-day event, industry experts and thought leaders discussed the changing role of virtual care for patients and providers and its impact on the healthcare space. 

Gundersen Health System faced a huge cultural change due to the pandemic. Prior to COVID-19, Gundersen was involved in telehealth initiatives, but they were not in widespread use. The healthcare system devised a plan to limit in-person visits and move as much care as possible to telehealth. But how is that done is such a rapid manner? 

Additionally, OU (Oklahoma) Medicine brought virtual care to the forefront for their patients and physicians. The focus was on progress and not perfection (for now) and with that, OU was able to complete 30,000 virtual care visits from March to mid-July. The feedback they received was encouraging, and for the most part exceeded patient experience scores that were higher to their in-person visits.

To learn Gundersen Health System’s four phase approach and OU Medicine’s plan of action, download our latest report today!

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