Helping New Nurses Transition Successfully From School to Practice

Among the continuing challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for hospitals and health systems is transitioning new graduate nurses from school to practice. Because of strict safety measures and social distancing required by education and healthcare facilities, the passage from student to practice nurse in 2020 wasn’t anything like preceding classes. New nurses whose faces were enclosed by Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) fretted that they couldn’t smile or reassure their patients with normal social cues. Some schools accelerated graduation dates, reducing critical clinical experience.


In this HealthLeaders Nursing Roundtable, the panel talks about:

  • Their organization’s strategy for transitioning new graduate nurses from school to practice
  • The themes they are seeing in new nurses, both pre-COVID and post-COVID
  • How new nurses interact with their support team
  • Where they see their nurse residency program in five years


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