5 Revenue Cycle Resolutions for the New Decade

For many years, the approach to optimizing revenue cycle processes and improving payment focused on overcoming barriers with patients and payers, as well as within the healthcare organization itself. As leaders move into a new decade, however, they are laying hold of fresh strategies to tackle persistent challenges. Their methods and mindset embrace optimism, reinvention, and new ways of thinking.


Giving patients more of what they want and need for a productive financial experience, training and empowering staff to be subject matter experts and provide excellent service, fine-turning front end operations, and stepping into the patient’s shoes are some of the ways leaders are making the financial experience more positive and beneficial for patients and the organization alike.


During two days of discussions and networking at the December 2019 HealthLeaders Revenue Cycle Exchange in West Palm Beach, Florida, 30-plus executives shared their successful ideas and resolutions for refining the revenue cycle for the new decade.


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