Revenue Recovery Strategies for Hospitals and Health Systems

Financial challenges remain a consistent and growing concern for hospitals. These challenges stem from the global pandemic, like a shifting payer mix and a drop in elective procedures. Others have been here all along – complex medical billing rules, changing regulations, and bad debt, just to name a few – but have suddenly come into sharper focus. In this white paper, learn techniques for overcoming old and new revenue challenges by adopting a different perspective on the traditional claim lifecycle.

Conventional strategies for addressing reimbursement shortfalls are reactive: tracking down missing patient information, correcting claims errors post rejection, chasing delinquent self-pay accounts, and so on. A proactive approach that addresses issues before, during, and after a claim, on the other hand, is more effective in capturing revenue; it saves time and requires less labor.

Hospitals large and small are leveraging these strategies to stop revenue leaks, decrease days in A/R, improve cost-to-collect ratios and improve patient satisfaction. Download the white paper now to discover how more robust coverage discovery and eligibility verification solutions can help you preserve financial stability and position your organization for a more secure future.



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