Revenue Cycle NOW

Online Summit | Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Join us for Revenue Cycle NOW. These dynamic, executive, and editorial-led panels will discuss multiple topics for building revenue resiliency. This online summit discussions will focus on creating a positive patient financial experience and improving the bottom line. Save your seat for the event! 





Leveraging Automation to Alleviate Revenue Cycle Staffing Shortages
Sponsored by: Infor
Presented by: HealthLeaders
10:00 - 11:05 PM EST

About the Session:
The revenue cycle workforce is a dynamic system. As regulatory burdens weigh heavy on staff, technology and innovation are now positioned to have an even greater impact on workflow and overall staffing needs.

During this session, panelists will discuss the changes they have seen in the revenue cycle workforce over the last few years, and they will discuss ways they have been optimizing, engaging, and managing staff.

Christy Pehanich, MHSA, FHFMA, CPC, AVP, Revenue Cycle Management, Geisinger Health System
Amanda Norris (Moderator), Revenue Cycle Editor, HealthLeaders




Perfecting Pre-service Processes for a Positive Patient Financial Experience
Sponsored by: Waystar
Presented by: HealthLeaders
11:05 - 12:05 PM EST

About the Session:

It is no secret providers have been plagued by staffing shortages, razor-thin margins, and regulatory burdens—leading to increased pressure to identify and collect all earned revenue. These industry challenges can also profoundly impact the patient financial experience and a healthcare organization’s overall success.

It is now mission-critical to apply proactive strategies that hone in on pre-service processes and streamline the front end to create a more holistic approach to the patient's financial journey.

During this discussion, panelists will review how healthcare organizations can identify and solve pre-service financial clearance processes to improve the patient financial experience, streamline manual workloads and ultimately enhance collection efforts.

Heather Kawamoto, Vice President, Product Strategy, Waystar
Dominque Perrier, MHA, Pre-Service/Financial Clearance Lead, Ochsner Health
Amanda Norris (Moderator), Revenue Cycle Editor, HealthLeaders




Improving the Bottom Line by Reducing Complexity in The Patient Payment and Billing Process
Sponsored by: US Bank
Presented by: HealthLeaders
12:15 - 1:15 PM EST

About the Session:

As revenue cycle leaders scramble for ways to strengthen their bottom lines, many are putting the focus on streamlining patient payment processes to reduce the cost to collect and accounts receivable days. Creating the ideal patient billing and payment experience not only improves revenue cycle performance but also boosts patient satisfaction.

During this session, the panel will explore ways to reduce complexity in the payment and billing process in order to improve the patient financial experience and discuss opportunities to integrate technologies and workflows to improve overall revenue cycle performance.

Misty Grambow, Vice President, Healthcare and Non-Profit Solutions, U.S. Bank/Elavon
Tonie Bayman, Director of Revenue Recovery, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
Amanda Norris (Moderator), Revenue Cycle Editor, HealthLeaders




December 8 – Demo Day Agenda Overview


Prior Auth - What will it take to fix it?
Sponsored by: Rhyme
10:00 - 10:30 AM EST

About the Session:

Many good companies have tried to solve the prior authorization process that plagues U.S. healthcare. It hasn’t worked yet, but it’s not their fault.

The root cause of this dysfunctional system isn’t any company, software, or group of people, it’s the absence of a real-time network. There are four strategies required to stand up a real-time network. Rhyme will show you these strategies and early results.

Brett Boswell, Sales Manager, Rhyme


Heather Kawamoto

Vice President, Product Strategy



Amanda Norris (Moderator)

Revenue Cycle Editor



Misty Grambow

Vice President, Healthcare and Non-Profit Solutions

U.S. Bank/Elavon

Dominque Perrier

MHA, Pre-Service/Financial Clearance Lead

Ochsner Health




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