Revenue Cycle Technology NOW

Online Summit | Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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Join us for the Revenue Cycle Technology NOW online summit. Hear discussions from our editorial team and industry-leading executives on several different topics. This year's topics include RCM solutions, preventing rev cycle disruptions, and resilience.





People First: Getting Staff to Buy into RCM Solution Implementation
Presented by
: HealthLeaders
Sponsored by: Accuity
10:00 - 11:05 AM EST

About the Session:

During this session, health system leaders will discuss where in their revenue cycle they bring in solutions to complement the work of their internal team, the importance of transparency before and throughout the implementation, tips for garnering support, and the outcomes they’ve experienced with their teams.

Anissa Fabrizio, Assistant VP of HIM, CDI, and Coding, CommonSpirit Health
Phillip Boyce, Senior Vice President & Chief revenue officer, Baptist Health
Trevor Snow, Chief Operations Officer, Accuity
Jasmyne Ray (Moderator), Revenue Cycle Editor, HealthLeaders


Strengthening Frameworks: Proactive Steps to Prevent Revenue Cycle Disruption
Presented by
: HealthLeaders
Sponsored by: Waystar
11:10 - 12:10 PM EST

About the Session:

Organizations should be aware of their options for capturing revenue in tumultuous times, and how to do so quickly. Whether it's finding the right RCM partnerships or reevaluating processes, a strong internal framework can set your organization up for long- and short-term success.

During this session, panelists will share their top considerations for successful revenue cycle operations — as well as strategies to ensure seamless workflows.

MaryAnn Murphy, Assistant Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Northwell Health
Shawn McCardell, Associate Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Frederick Health
Lauren Tungate, Solution Strategist, Team Lead, Waystar
Jasmyne Ray (Moderator), Revenue Cycle Editor, HealthLeaders


Out of the Red: Revenue Cycle Resilience
Presented by: HealthLeaders
Sponsored by: Inovalon
12:15 - 1:15 PM EST

About the Session:

As some health systems are seeing their finances return to where they were pre-COVID, others are still operating at a loss. From going back and forth with payers on denials and pre-authorizations, revenue cycle leaders are working against numerous obstacles and changes, in addition to learning how to navigate a healthcare economy where patients are covering more of their care costs.

During this discussion, panelist will share their strategies for maintaining a steady revenue stream, where they focus their efforts in the revenue cycle, and the benefits of payment plans and accepting different payment methods.

Seth Katz, MPH, RHIA, FAHIMA, Vice President of Revenue Cycle and HIM, University Health KC
Lori Zindl, Vice President of Product Management, Inovalon
Andy Talford, Senior Director, Patient Financial Services, Moffitt Cancer Center
Jasmyne Ray (Moderator), Revenue Cycle Editor, HealthLeaders




Strategic actions to increase cash flow
Presented by: HealthLeaders
Sponsored by: Inovalon
10:35 - 11:05 AM EST

About the Session:

Effective revenue cycle management plays a pivotal role in optimizing financial performance. By strategically managing processes related to billing, coding, claims, and collections, hospitals can enhance revenue capture, reduce payment delays, and ensure timely reimbursement. Join us as we explore key strategies that empower hospitals to increase cash flow while maintaining operational excellence.

Travis Fawver, Senior Sales Engineer, Inovalon


Optimizing Revenue and Care Quality in UM Through AI and Assistive Documentation
Presented by: HealthLeaders
Sponsored by: MCG Health
11:10 - 11:40 AM EST

About the Session:

In today's healthcare environment, providers are facing increasing pressure to deliver high-quality care while also optimizing revenue streams. Utilization management, accelerated by AI and assistive documentation, can help providers achieve these goals by streamlining documentation processes, thereby avoiding unnecessary denials. This webinar will explore how utilization management, AI, and assistive documentation can work together to help providers achieve optimal revenue and quality of care.

Karin Trenkel-Wilson, MSN, RN, Care Strategies Consultant, MCG Health


Trevor Snow
Chief Operations Officer

Lauren Tungate
Solution Strategist, Team Lead

Jasmyne Ray (Moderator)
Revenue Cycle Editor

Phillip Boyce

Senior Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer

Baptist Health

Anissa Fabrizio

Assistant VP of HIM, CDI, and Coding

CommonSpirit Health

Lori Zindl

Vice President of Product Management


Shawn McCardell

Associate Vice President of Revenue Cycle

Frederick Health

MaryAnn Murphy

Assistant Vice President of Revenue Cycle

Northwell Health

Andy Talford

Senior Director, Patient Financial Services

Moffitt Cancer Center




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