Population Health Works

A Virtual Brainstorming Event

September 24, 2020 | Virtual Event


Create a powerful dialogue with healthcare leaders. Online event taking place from 1:00PM EDT - 4:30PM EDT on September 24, 2020.

FOCUS: A Versatile, Empowered Population Health Team vs COVID


Our Population Health Virtual Works is an invitation-only, online workshop that brings together top leaders from across the country. This interactive event encourages open dialogue around the challenges executives are facing and solutions to overcome them.


Safety Consideration: The HealthLeaders' Works Live is committed to the safety of our executive partners, sponsors and staff. Our team has worked closely with our hotel partners to meet all local regulations and industry standards for distancing, sanitation and appropriate screening. No more than 18 participants will be allowed to attend. All roundtables and sessions will be in large rooms with distancing.



Population Health executives, CMOs, CMIOs and CQOs are invited.

Workshop format to share ideas in a close group. Takeaways guaranteed.

Streamlined to 2.5 hours. Interactive format on Zoom. No travel required.

Best ideas featured in HealthLeaders Media.