A Success Story: Treating the Whole Person

Reduced readmissions of 66% and a cost savings of $98,000 year-over-year.


The Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center (NFMMC) Health Home is a Medicaid-funded coordinated care management program that provides services to at-risk adults and children in Niagara County, NY. The health home focuses on delivering an integrated and coordinated experience across the continuum of care, including among its services comprehensive care management, post-hospitalization follow-up, and working with community and social services to provide the additional support patients need to improve their health.


NFMMC uses Aerial™ Health Coordinator to document and manage all care coordination activities for health home members, including activities that take place at the hospital and with downstream providers. Resulting in reduced readmissions of 66% and a cost savings of $98,000 year-over-year for top 22 utilizers.


Download this success story to learn how NFMMC achieved these results with Aerial.


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