From hospitals and ambulatory care centers, to senior living facilities, physician networks, clinics and labs, a full spectrum of healthcare industry participants benefited immensely from new technological advancements—in both the administration and documentation of care. But with a rapid increase in vertical integration and M&A activity, coupled with an evermore complicated regulatory environment, participants now find themselves facing a greater complexity and diversity of liability risks. This environment is further complicated by an increasing shortage of qualified workers as the industry struggles to keep up with increased demand—all while maintaining the highest standards for patient safety and quality of care.


Recent increases in class actions, ethical and harassment-related complaints, as well as a changing social media, technology and cultural environment make it more challenging than ever to prepare for tomorrow’s risks with a properly planned response.


Liability exposures facing most healthcare organizations do not discriminate based on size, revenue, intention or location. In the healthcare industry, managing the countless risks associated with delivering superior patient care requires all of your time and attention. This paper outlines the management liability landscape for the healthcare industry, as well as best practices and industry-leading solutions for mitigating those risks.


Downloading this guide will help you:

  • Understand the current regulatory environment and anticipate challenges you could potentially face in the future.
  • Create a holistic strategy designed to remove exposures and minimize your level of management liability risk.
  • Enact the right policies to protect your organization from costly and lengthy litigation that could result in significant penalties.
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