Negative pressure wound therapy with instillation and dwell time (NPWTi-d): a review of the evidence

While a substantial evidence base of high-level studies supports the use of NPWT in a wide range of wound types, less is known about the effects of NPWTi-d (a modification of traditional NPWT involving the instillation of saline, an antiseptic, or antibiotic into a sealed wound). This systematic review of the literature comparing NPWTi-d with NPWT summarizes the results of the highest quality studies (Level 1) that were identified and provides recommendations from consensus groups and health regulators.

Of the studies published on NPWTi-d up to July 3, 2020, five Level 1 studies were identified in the systematic literature review, while another 120 studies were identified that were lower-quality evidence. Among other key findings, the review concludes that there are no statistically significant differences in clinical outcomes (p>0.05) in Level 1 studies.

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