Advantages of Inpatient Rehabilitation for COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond

A hospital’s ability to seamlessly adapt to the changing environment enables their inpatient rehabilitation programs to offer a variety of resources and programs that help deliver quality care, reduce readmissions, and improve overall facility operations. These include:


  • Daily physician oversight and a multidisciplinary therapy team providing daily therapy tailored to each patient.
  • Employing specially-trained Registered Nurses who are fully equipped to treat patients with various care needs.
  • Hospital-level infection control measures.


Strong coordination between an acute episode and the next level of care is more important than ever because of the unique and positive role rehabilitation units play in treating medically complex patients, and specifically treating patients recovering from COVID-19.


This guide breaks down the key differences between the levels of post-acute care, the unique benefits of inpatient rehabilitation in treating COVID-19 patients, and the opportunity to optimize your rehab program or start a new program.

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