HealthLeaders Strategy Call:

A CMO’s Path to Physician Wellness

Physician well-being is a top concern for health systems, hospitals, and physician groups. Physician burnout was widespread before COVID-19 and spiked during the public health emergency. A study found that from September 2019 to January 2022, overall emotional exhaustion among healthcare workers increased from 31.8% of staff members to 40.4%. Physician burnout has been linked to negative outcomes in healthcare settings, including medical errors and decreased quality of care. 


As physician burnout rises and recruitment and retention are top of mind, clinical leaders need strategize on how to keep their physicians happy and in-house before it’s too late.


This 30-minute HealthLeaders Strategy Call will be led by Thomas Campbell, MD, MPH, chief wellness officer at Allegheny Health Network on July 23 at 2:00 pm EST. In a discussion moderated by HealthLeaders CMO editor Chris Cheney, Dr. Campbell will address several topics and questions related to clinician well-being.

  • Why should a healthcare organization have a wellness program for physicians, advanced practice providers, and residents?
  • What are the primary best practices for wellness programs targeted at physicians, APPS, and residents?
  • How can you measure well-being among physicians, APPs, and residents?
  • What are the drivers of burnout and the foundational elements of addressing those drivers?
  • What are the primary considerations of a collaborative approach to wellness programs versus a standalone approach?
  • What are some good resources for addressing the well-being of physicians, APPs, and residents?

HealthLeaders Strategy Calls are quarterly, unsponsored calls featuring topics and pain points that mean the most to healthcare executives. These calls are not bland presentations, but a means for the audience to actively engage with the call’s lead executive, share best practices, and strategize on how to make your health system’s program better. Think of it as a round table where your voice (and questions) matter.