Future-Proof Your Health System: Navigating Size, Scale and Systemness

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, it has never been clearer that health systems must be equipped to respond to unpredictable and disruptive threats.


This means not only managing an immediate crisis but also planning for both near- and longer-term impacts. As the initial wave of COVID-19 infections ebbs, new challenges are on the horizon: a severely damaged economy increased unemployment and additional waves of the virus. The health care marketplace is evolving rapidly. Patients have adapted to new care modalities, especially telehealth and digital options, and regulations have been relaxed, at least temporarily. We face an uncertain imperative around what it will take to keep our patients and staff safe.


These new developments only further heighten the pre-existing urgency to improve health care affordability, reduce complexity, and transform our business model. Change is afoot, and it is coming more quickly than before.


These forces are upending the rules of engagement for players across the health care ecosystem. Now is the time to ensure your health system can adapt and remain relevant in an uncertain, challenging, and rapidly changing landscape. Do you have what it takes to meet the urgent needs of today’s operating environment? Do you have a strategy for leveraging the full resources of your health system to take on future disruptions?


This e-book offers fresh perspectives on navigating size, scale, and systemness to further clarify your vision and strategic approach.

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