Insights Report:

Modernize Your Consumer Financial Experience for Maximum Financial Impact

Consumer payment preferences have changed dramatically over the past few years, influenced by the rapid adoption of digital and contactless payment methods in segments from retail to grocery to hospitality. As a result, patients now expect similar innovations in how they pay for healthcare and are increasingly demanding better experiences tailored to their unique needs. Patients want flexible, convenient, secure, and consistent ways to pay for every purchase.


Healthcare providers in tune with this shift are placing a renewed focus on patient engagement, adopting practices centered on improving the connection between a patient’s physical and financial health. Success extends beyond implementing the latest technology. It requires a deeper understanding of the people behind the payments: patients, families, and healthcare staff.


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  • The impact of shifting payment preferences on healthcare systems
  • Top 5 options patients want modernized
  • Managing different payment systems
  • Strategies for consolidating payments
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