Expand Your Virtual Care Potential With Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

Population health executives have moved at lightning speeds to implement new operations and make use of technology to scale teams and support patients. But as you emerge from the pandemic, what’s required for a long-term, sustainable virtual health strategy?


This white paper defines and examines Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring, a scalable and accessible approach to extending virtual care to the much larger patient populations requiring clinically actionable engagement and support. Step through a specific example of how an innovative risk-bearing provider used remote patient monitoring to defend and grow both revenue and relationships.


Learn how to integrate Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring into a strategic and robust virtual care plan. Identify areas of health care, such as behavioral health and social determinants of health, where traditional remote patient monitoring is neither financially nor technologically feasible.


Read the white paper to learn how to bring scalable, clinically actionable RPM to your virtual care strategy.


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