In response to continued margin pressure, many healthcare leaders are focusing on fundamental billing practices to accelerate revenue and reduce cost by optimizing revenue cycle operations across the enterprise. Advanced organizations achieving enterprise-wide visibility to a combined patient statement using a single platform and gold-standard processes for hospital and ambulatory billing. This model is often referred to as a combined business office (CBO).

This e-book, titled "Evaluating Your CBO Strategy: A 3-Step Guide for Healthcare Providers," offers an in-depth look at the stages of CBO models healthcare organizations can use to improve financial performance, and provides executive insights on how to most effectively implement such a model.

In this e-book, readers will learn how to:
•    Evaluate which CBO model is right for their organization
•    Navigate common challenges associated with implementing a CBO model
•    Maximize the benefits of a CBO to reduce the cost to collect and improve the patient financial experience


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