How Esse Health Created a Virtual Care Strategy that Scales by Leveraging Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, many provider organizations are pursuing telehealth and remote patient monitoring to engage patients in the home and support chronic condition management. Yet, high-tech, device-based remote patient monitoring can be difficult to scale due to high cost and limited accessibility.


Learn how Esse Health prioritized a scalable approach using Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring for its Medicare Advantage patients with chronic conditions, including heart failure, diabetes, and COPD. Discover how its care management team was able to reach 15x more patients, delivering proactive care to over 1,000 rising-risk Medicare Advantage patients.


Patients communicated symptoms to their care team enabling care managers to identify patients who need help. As a result, care managers helped patients control their chronic condition from home resulting in a 46% drop in heart failure ED visits and a $124 per member per month (PMPM) savings—an 11% reduction in global costs.


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