Are you overlooking the obvious when it comes to HAI prevention?

Hear what experts are saying about proper device sanitization and what you can do to help stop the spread of potentially dangerous pathogens.


With the surge in EMR usage, keyboards and PCs are used widely in clinical care settings. But unlike medical equipment and high-touch environmental surfaces, these IT devices are rarely subject to infection prevention standards.


There are steps you can take today to help prevent HAI.


Read guidelines on implementing proper healthcare disinfecting and cleaning practices developed by a team of board-certified infection preventionists working on behalf of APIC Consulting Services Inc (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology).


Key Learnings:
•    The risks posed by contaminated IT devices
•    Their role in the transmission of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
•    Targeted cleaning and disinfection protocols created by APIC Consulting Services

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