Helping Hospitals Reduce Readmission Rates


Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center (LSC) needed to reduce its readmission rates. With the help of care collaboration technology, LSC physicians and staff were able to both track and prevent patient readmissions—getting their patients out of the hospital and back into the comfort of their own homes.


Through the real-time, relevant, patient insights provided by Collective Medical, LSC is connected to a nationwide network that has proved invaluable to optimizing ED utilization. With a better understanding of each patient, staff at LSC are able to identify patients at risk for readmissions and take preventative measures to ensure smoother transitions of care post-discharge—ultimately resulting in:

  • A 24.9 percent reduction in the all-cause 30-day readmissions rate
  • An 81 percent reduction in the overall ED visit rate
  • A reduction of visits from patients with high ED utilization patterns.

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