RENASYS Traditional Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System: Compendium of clinical evidence

RENASYS Traditional Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (tNPWT) offers good clinical outcomes across a variety of wound types, similar to those achieved with V.A.C.™ NPWT (3M KCI, San Antonio, TX, USA).


Furthermore, use of RENASYS TOUCH and Soft Port can help to improve the clinician and patient experience when using NPWT.


This compendium of clinical evidence summarizes published studies about the use of RENASYS tNPWT and provides background information on current practice using NPWT. The compendium also outlines why Smith+Nephew does not provide an instillation NPWT offering.


In total, 87 clinical publications that discuss use of RENASYS◊ tNPWT were identified, covering the following topics: RENASYS tNPWT versus V.A.C.™ NPWT; safety and efficacy; abdominal applications; intermittent use; gauze and foam dressings; RENASYS tNPWT Soft Port and drains; compatibility; and ease of use. The highest levels of evidence available are summarized for each topic; therefore, not all studies are included due to volume of publications. Each summarized study includes an overview, results and conclusions, with several supporting studies listed at the end of each section. The compendium also provides recommendations on when to use traditional or single use NPWT.

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