Transforming Supply Chain by Focusing on Patient Care

Preventive – adjective – used to stop something bad from happening before it occurs. Healthcare talks about preventive care all the time when it comes to dealing with patient populations. What gets overlooked is taking preventive measures against internal disrupters that can cause issues from an overall organization health perspective.

One of those main disrupters is the supply chain, and even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, providers were always trying to stay one step ahead to ensure they had everything needed to be successful. Since the pandemic, however, it has been a major pain point, and getting it corrected is no easy task.

In this case study, learn how Lori Lee, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations for Yale New Haven Health, stepped up to make sure their organization was able to wade through the early months of the pandemic and how she has built a program that will hopefully prevent struggles in the future.

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