Support High-Risk Patients Through

ED Optimization



CHI St. Anthony was a rural Oregon hospital looking for a better way to balance patient care initiatives with limited clinical and operational resources. With approximately half of its daily patient load being more appropriate for lower acuity settings, leadership realized that collaborating care for these patients was the key to opening up the emergency department (ED) for those who needed it most.

Using real-time analytics and smart notifications provided by Collective Medical, CHI. St. Anthony was able to identify and manage complex patients with histories of high utilization, social determinants of health, substance use disorder, and other risk factors. This helped staff not only address the root causes of high ED utilization but also increase collaboration with other hospitals, clinics, and primary care providers, resulting in:

  • A 75 percent reduction in unnecessary ED visits within 18 months
  • A reduction in LWBS rates from 6 percent to 2 percent
  • A 60 percent reduction in narcotic prepack prescriptions for $200K in hospital cost savings

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