Leadership Development Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Drive measurable improvements in healthcare outcomes through advanced leadership skills


Don't have time to invest in leadership development but understand that it is critical to culture, retention, and performance improvement? 


Bluepoint Leadership Development offers ready-to-implement coaching leadership workshop curriculum, 360-degree electronic assessments to reinforce training objectives, and next-level coaching services to take your leadership to the next level.


This is one of the most effective and convenient solutions on the market for cultivating leadership skills amongst busy healthcare professionals. 


Leadership Express Series

The Leadership Express Series consists of 12 standalone or series of workshops covering advanced leadership principals. The curriculum of each can be delivered in 90 minutes by internal trainers to help new and emerging leaders acquire new skills. You will be equipped with the slide deck, materials, participant guides, and facilitator guides, so all you need to worry about is gathering key participants. 

Topics include:

  • A Leadership Legacy - This workshop is designed to help participants consider their long-term goals and draft plans to create a legacy of which they will be most proud.
  • Authenticity and Leadership Today - This is a highly-interactive learning experience designed to challenge participants to step up to the demands of being an authentic leader in today's complex, ever-changing organizations.
  • Building Leadership Connections - In this workshop, participants will learn how to use a proven, four-step interpersonal process to readily make connections with others, both inside and outside their organizations.
  • Creating a Distinctive Leadership Brand - During the course of this workshop, you will have opportunities to study and reflect upon your leadership brand and identify ways that you can enhance this brand.
  • Crafting A Leadership Story - In this hands-on workshop, participants will study a powerful methodology for creating leadership stories, and practice preparing and delivering a story related to a current, important leadership opportunity or challenge.
  • Excellence in Execution - Participants will have the opportunity to apply the process in real time during the workshop and receive guidance on opportunities for improvement.
  • Impact & Influence - This practical, hands-on workshop invites participants to explore ways in which they can substantially increase their interpersonal effectiveness at all organizational levels.
  • The Leader as Teacher - This workshop helps leaders make the big shift from being their team’s content experts to being adept teachers and creators of pervasive learning cultures.
  • Leading Change - In this intense study of how leaders can accelerate and sustain planned change, participants will gain a deeper appreciation for the change process and the leader’s critical role in making the process an ultimately positive experience for themselves and the members of their team.
  • Leading High Performance Teams - In this skills-based workshop, managers and supervisors will be introduced to The Three Core Drivers of Extraordinary Teams, (1) Collaborate to create a compelling story (2) Provide a starring and several support roles for everyone (3) Readily make and faithfully keep promises, and learn how they can make a dramatic shift in their approach to leadership and, in doing so, create teams known for exceptional productivity, innovation and execution.
  • The Powerful Coaching Conversation - This highly-experiential, two-part workshop is designed to help the participants enhance the quality of their day-to-day conversations by equipping them to be coach-like in all of their interactions with others in Part 1, and increase their ability to engage in coaching conversations that have a significant, positive impact on others in Part 2.
  • The Leader Within - In this highly personal workshop, participants will learn how to respond to and manage their emotions and, in doing so, enhance their ability to work effectively with others, teams and organizations.



Leadership assessment are designed to document feedback, knowledge, skills, and beliefs on behaviors closely associated with leadership success. All with the goal to help develop perspectives and increase effectiveness of leadership in your organization.

Assessments include: 

  • The Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment - This was created to provide leaders with anonymous, confidential feedback on their interpersonal effectiveness, leadership impact and development opportunities. 
  • The Leadership Feedback Report - This report provides you with invaluable feedback on your current performance as a leader and advice on the most significant changes you can make to increase your effectiveness in the future. 

Leadership Coaching 

Whether you wish to hire a coach, have a need for a coaching training program, wish to develop a coaching culture throughout your organization, or simply need a few helpful tools and resources, we can help. Clients can select any available coach from our cadre of outstanding leadership coaches, and a “good-fit” no obligation call is available to confirm a suitable working relationship.

  • Rapid Action Learning – Coaches that help create successful project execution
  • Personal Impact Coaching – Personalized coaching for your most important issues
  • Executive Leadership Coaching – 6 month retainer-based coaching for Senior level clients
  • Leadership Assessment Coaching – Feedback coaching through Bluepoint’s 360 assessments
  • Learning Application Coaching – Learn to apply coaching lessons to your day-to-day work
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Bluepoint’s leadership workshops and coaching equip leaders from the shop floor to the executive suite with immediately usable skills that allow participants use their natural talents to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development.

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