Beyond Technology: Factors Influencing Healthcare Innovation

The past six months have accelerated healthcare innovation in a manner we’ve never before experienced. The pandemic has unleashed novel approaches to problem solving, and there is a new focus on the technology that can fuel the advances that will propel us into the future.


During the HealthLeaders Healthcare System of the Future virtual event, innovation executives shared key digital innovations that are laying the groundwork to transform healthcare delivery, including digital front door strategies. They also discussed challenges they face in scaling these initiatives, particularly those related to change management. Getting an organization to focus on patient experience requires understanding physicians’ perspectives and finding ways to change their behavior. Participants also emphasized that moving forward encompasses more than technological advancements.


While technology enables many innovations, it presents barriers to some patient populations—often those with the greatest need for care. Finding ways to combine digital strategies with the human element may be the next great frontier for healthcare innovation.


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