AI’s Rising Impact in Healthcare: Preparing for What’s Next

Healthcare is on the threshold of a new period of innovation marked by the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI). In a recent HealthLeaders webinar sponsored by MedeAnalytics, titled “The Art of the Possible with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare,” industry leaders gathered to discuss AI’s benefits, practical applications, and challenges in healthcare, with a close look at large language models and generative AI.

The panelists highlighted the rapid advancement of AI technologies with a balanced view of enthusiasm and caution. Andy Dé, Chief Marketing Officer at MedeAnalytics, pointed to the profound impact of Microsoft’s recent incorporation of generative AI in its Office products, marking it as a critical shift with far-reaching implications for all industries, including healthcare.

Dé was joined by David Schweppe, Chief Analytics Officer of MedeAnalytics, and Ylan Kazi, Chief Data Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, for an in-depth discussion of AI’s evolving role in healthcare.

The panel emphasized the importance of:
  •  Cultivating a versatile portfolio of AI tools
  •  Maintaining data integrity
  •  Implementing ethical guidelines for AI
  •  Widening the application of AI in healthcare


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