2019 Organizational Wellbeing & Talent Insights: Challenge Your Point of View

Organizations need a new approach to the pursuit of better organizational wellbeing in today’s business environment. Operations, finance and HR can no longer function adequately in silos when success requires a strong connection between the company’s strategy and the executive team’s priorities and resources.


Build a better workplace by exploring the interconnected nature of employee health, engagement and organizational wellbeing. Discover new strategies that align CEO, CFO and HR priorities for effective collaboration and improved organizational outcomes.


Gallagher's 2019 Organizational Wellbeing & Talent Insights Report offers a comprehensive outlook from Gallagher thought leaders on current trends and strategies for strengthening workplace wellbeing and inspiring better work. Dig into an array of 19 articles developed for CEOs, CFOs and HR leaders, and make a plan to face your future with confidence.


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